Many art pieces like these custom framed tapestries become family heirlooms, passed down through the generations. From her mother’s collection, Aubrey received the three early 1900s tapestries of Turkish origin. “We were living there at the time for my dad’s job and moved there shortly after I was born. My mom bought them almost thirty years ago in a shop in Bebek, Turkey with lots of East Asian trinkets.”

custom picture framed tapestry

“I got them eight years ago when I moved to Chicago. They had their original frames until they were actually broken in that move.” These fragile, paper-backed, silk pieces require a delicate touch when framing them. After the pieces broke, Aubrey’s partner, James, wanted to breathe new life into them with new custom framing.

“These were purchased by my partner’s mother during her early childhood years, so they are very special to her. I took my time selecting a place.” James heard about Seaberg through word of mouth and banked on our knowledge of framing unique pieces, “They have a great reputation.”

Custom picture framing

“This was a fabulous process from start to finish. I knew that the pieces were in safe hands while they were being re-framed. The framework accompanies each piece perfectly.” James felt that he was well looked after by our staff. “I can’t thank Seaberg enough for doing such a wonderful job and treating these pieces with such care.”

Now featured on a sunlit wall in their home office, Jimmy and Aubrey enjoy their reframed tapestries. Having the picture frames of her mother’s artwork updated gave new significance to hanging them in her home. “It means a lot to me to have a keepsake from that time in my family’s life as I was really too young to have my own memories of when we lived overseas.”