Acrylic Face Mounting & Framing Alternatives

– Alternatives to Traditional Framing

From the simplicity of a plaque, float, or flush mount to the sophisticated gallery-style finishes that are favored by our professional art gallery customers, we are confident that we have a style that will meet your needs.

Plaquemounted Art


Inexpensive yet sleek – popular style for wall murals due to its simplicity and ease of installation

Plaquemounted Art

Gallery Acrylic Facemount

Often seen in fine art galleries, this bold, high-gloss finish will bring your image to life

Acrylic Face Mounted Art


Eye-catching contemporary design lifts your image off the wall to appear as if it’s floating

Floatmounted Art


Modern design – provides volume and depth to your image

Flushmounted Art

Benefits of Alternative Framin Ideas

  • Range of distinct options
  • Avoid the expense or complications of using glass
  • Complement your image with a sleek, modern look and finish
  • Better utilize wall space and create custom sizes
  • No framing or matting required
  • User-friendly hanging and wall mounting options

Ask Us About Alternative
Framing Ideas

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